All orders except swim hats will be sent to your individual customer address entered upon checkout.
Swim Caps will be sent direct to the club for onward distribution approximately 6 weeks from shop closure.

If your order contains multiple items from both product lists A, B & C below, your order will be held and sent to you in full once all the products arrive into our warehouse on the stated date. Please therefore bear this in mind and consider placing separate orders for list A, B & C items if you are not happy to wait.

Product List A (faster lead-time) expected late-April: [Beanie, Baseball Cap, Cotton Shirt, Cotton Coach Shirt, Cotton Onesie, Cotton Zipped Hoodie, Cotton Pullover Hoodie, Cotton Sweatshirt, Cotton Coach Shirt, Rucksacks].

Product List B expected late-May: [Shirts, Sports Shorts, Polyester Hotpants, Zipped Performance Hoodies, Performance Bottoms, Tracksuit Jackets, Tracksuit Bottoms, Compression Leggings, Towels, Swim Caps].

Product List C (longer lead-time) expected late-June: [Swimzi’s (onesie), Sweat Zipped & Pullover Hoodies, Sweatpants].

SHOP CLOSED: Register your interest with the club to prompt future shop openings. Orders already placed are due for delivery May/June* (see shipping policy for details).