All orders will be sent to your individual customer address entered upon checkout.

If your order contains multiple items from both product lists A & B below, your order will be held and sent to you in full once the products from list B arrive into our warehouse on the stated date. Please therefore bear this in mind and consider placing separate orders for list A & list B items if you are not happy to wait.

PRODUCT LIST A expected delivery early-November: Shirts, Sports Shorts, Polyester Hotpants, Rucksacks, Compression Leggings.

PRODUCT LIST B expected delivered mid-December: Swimzi’s (onesie), Sweat Pullover & Sweat Zipped Hoodies, Sweatpants, Sweat Basketball Shorts, Sweat Hotpants.

SHOP OPEN: This shop is due to close at midnight on Sunday 24th September. Orders will be sent to production when the shop closes. Delivery is expected November/December* (see shipping policy for details).