Custom Shirts

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    Fully Customisable
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    100% Polyester
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If you are interested in finding out more about our custom shirts, click the link below to enquire today.

Swimzi Teamwear’s Sublimated Club Shirts are a standout option for athletes seeking both comfort and performance. Crafted from 100% polyester with a weight of 135 g/m2, this shirt strikes an ideal balance between lightweight design and robust durability.

One key feature that sets the Shirt apart is its exceptional moisture-wicking capability. The polyester fabric efficiently draws sweat away from the body, allowing for quick evaporation. This ensures that athletes can maintain optimal comfort and focus on their performance without being hindered by discomfort.

In addition to its functional benefits, the our Shirts also boasts full sublimation printing. This technique ensures that colours are embedded into the fabric, resulting in a long-lasting and fade-resistant finish. Athletes can proudly showcase their team or club colors, and the sharp and vivid designs withstand repeated washes. Our Sublimated Shirts are not just a performance enhancing garment; they are a stylish and durable choice for athletes who demand both functionality and aesthetics in their sportswear.

All shirts are available in a Unisex and Female fit and come in a range of styles; from V-neck to Polo and many more.